Pinpoint domain registration infringement

Receive real-time alerts when domain registrations that violate your intellectual properties occur so you can quickly react and defend your brand.

Tactical overview of your portfolio

Track unaccounted for domain name registrations by other members of your organizations so you can quickly consolidate your portfolio and close any gaps that expose it.

Leverage data to understand what competitors are doing

Monitor your competition for new domain registrations so you can anticipate their plans, before they are publicly announced.

Brand monitoring reports

  • Monitor activities on domain names that contain your brand or contain common typos.
  • Track registration activities based on events, persons or other terms.
  • Coverage on all the legacy TLDs, the new gTLDs and ccTLDs.

Intuitive and comprehensive reports

  • Protect your brand’s entire domain portfolio in an easy-to-use domain management platform.
  • Up-to-date and historical reports provide you with in-depth data so you can make informed decisions that concern your brand.
  • View brand activity to determine any changes that may impact your brand online.
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